About Me

Here's a little about myself.

Ricky Wild


I studied Software Development at College and left with a Level 3 BTEC National Diploma. Shortly after, I had gained entry into Univeristy where I studied Computer Games Programming. I left with a Certificate of Higher Education. Since then, I've pursued entry into the Games Industry. This has proven to be an incredibly difficult task. My passion for it is what keeps me driven. Since late 2015, I had began learning what I could about the Unity game engine. I had experience using the Unreal Engine back in education, however I found Unity resonated with me more, I really enjoy using it!

Everything I have learned up until this point in time, has all been invested into one project. In hindsight, I can see why that decision was unwise of me. This project is a solo one and I'm working on it completely alone. I aim to complete, release and add to my portfolio as a finished product in the future.

C# Programmer

Gameplay, UI, AI

The mechanics, logic & feeling of the game being played, is all coded by the gameplay programmer. The User Interface programmer needs to be conscious of the player’s expectations. They design & code a UI that works & makes sense. The enemies & NPC's in a computer game behave the way they do because of the AI programmer.

Pixel Artist & Animator

Aseprite, Adobe PS

Every single pixel hand crafted, in each and every frame manifesting imagination onto the computer screen. I've created many different elements that go into a video game. UI, things like text, lines, titles, all sorts of shapes to make meaningful forms on the screen. Aseprite is a tool which allows for a much faster & easier process in creating animations, when compared to Photoshop. However PS has the upper hand when it comes to creating UI elements.

SFX & Music Producer

Ableton Live, Audacity

Using a good DAW is important for when you want to create a sound track. I like to use Ableton Live to construct my sounds together. There is a wide range of plugins for it and everything that comes in the box allows you to edit,change and tincker away. This is great for really scuplting a unique sound or song for your video game!